Chic + Swell is Ottawa’s
premier event design firm…

 creating unique and memorable guest
 experiences that elevate your brand.

Chic + Swell is Ottawa’s
premier event design firm…

 creating unique and memorable guestexperiences that elevate your brand. 


Chic + Swell creates unique and memorable guest experiences which consider our communities, respect our planetary boundaries, and contribute to our city. We have seen how many resources our industry wastes and strive to operate as a responsible corporate business. Our vision is to be a sustainability leader within our industry by shaping the future of events. By 2023 we will work towards achieving our targeted sustainability goals outlined in this policy.

Two strategic initiatives have been identified to drive our core business and succeed in operating sustainably:

  1. Commit to the 2030 Tourism Sustainability Pledge, to make Ottawa a more sustainable destination.
  2. Contribute towards the UN's Sustainable Development Goals, in particular:
    1. Responsible Consumption and Production (Goal 12)
      This goal directly aligns with Chic + Swell's efforts to minimize waste, promote sustainable practices in event planning, and encourage responsible consumption of resources.
    2. Industry, Innovation, and Infrastructure (Goal 9)
      This goal encompasses efforts to build resilient infrastructure, promote inclusive and sustainable industrialization, and foster innovation. Chic + Swell's commitment to shaping the future of events through resource efficiency and equitable practices aligns well with this goal.


  1. Complete the full sustainability assessment of Chic + Swell’s business operations as part of the 2023 Tourism Sustainability Pledge by May 2025
  2. Develop an action plan and metrics associated with the pursuit of the Sustainable Development Goals chosen by the end of 2025. 
  3. Commit to becoming Ottawa’s first event planner free of single-use plastics by 2030. Our interim target is to halve the use of single-use plastics by the end of 2026.
  4. Hold at least one knowledge sharing event annually to connect with peers and suppliers to assess current event infrastructure and technology systems, identify opportunities for innovation and improvement in sustainability, and demonstrate what solutions we have found on our path to sustainability.


This policy applies to all our staff and will be applied to suppliers where applicable.


This policy is supported and driven by our owner Carole Saad. Senior staff members are accountable for ensuring objectives are set and monitored regularly, whilst all Chic + Swell staff are responsible for implementing this policy to their day-to-day activities.


We prioritize ongoing education for our staff to ensure they utilize the best practices and latest techniques in making our services more sustainable.

Training involves sharing our knowledge and experiences with our peers and community. Therefore, we are committed to hosting annual learning circles with peers and suppliers to showcase possibilities, promote learning, and exchange new practices.

When engaging with our clients, our goal is to go beyond simply offering more choices; we aim to use sustainability as the beginning of a conversation. Our e-catalogue and discussions will reflect this.